Monday, 6 February 2012

Madonna at Superbowl

These pics of Madonna et al at last night's superbowl look cray cray! x

Shake that: Madonna was seen leading the cheerleader dancers as she strut around the stage with gold pom poms
madonna half time show 02
Roman cheer leaders? Nicki Minaj joined the signer on stage for their song Give Me All Your Luvin
madonna half time show 05
Saints or sinners? The blonde mimed the words to her hit song
Up on high: Cee Lo and Madonna were seen up on high as they sang Like A Prayer
madonna half time show 12
madonna half time show 17
Having a ball: Madonna climbed onto the shoulders of one of LMFAO as their track was mashed in with Madonna's Music
Huge procession: The halftime show opened with a huge procession of Egyptian soldiers as the intro to Vogue began to play
Homage: Projections of the fashion magazine were seen on the stage of the set while Madonna was performing Vogue
Talented: Madonna managed to recover to make her way down the steps to a podium to hip thrust while a man was seen dancing and jumping around on a high wire
Split-tacular: Madonna was lifted high up into the air with her legs in the splits
Joining the band! Cee Lo led a band on stage with Madonna and the performers donned hats with furs

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